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NZ Wheel Clamping Co Limited. Danger Hot Topic A notorious and barely legitimate company which commonly operated using intimidation – a classic cult technique. Before the company was put into voluntary liquidation in early 2014 they could probably have been regarded as a scam. Their registered office was Unit 7 / 203 Kirkbride Road, Mangere, Auckland, 2022, New Zealand. Their invoices contained incorrect, unexplained totals and either list GST as being $0.00 or list an incorrect amount of GST. They used the names NZWC Parking Authority and Parking Management Authority Ltd – a fictitious company – to try to appear more authoritative than they really are. All these stories feature NZ Wheel Clamping Co Ltd:

The tribunal said signs warning people that they would be wheelclamped if they parked there were inadequate and difficult to see.

... she then had to endure a 2 1/2 hour stand-off with a "rude and aggressive" warden, and started having false contractions during the incident this month.

The warden's bosses told him to remove the clamp and in doing so, Reid said he tore the bumper and a piece fell off her car causing more than $500 damage.

She reluctantly paid the immediate fine then spent four months trying without success to get a refund from the clamping company.

The woman says she's since been told that if she'd immediately called the local police, the car would have been unclamped without payment because it's her property.

The clamping company's approach "shows a callous and cynical disregard of people for profit's sake, it demonstrates no compassion and exploits a loophole in an archaic common law", she says. She wants clamping companies to be "forced to cease their intimidation which further disadvantages vulnerable south Auckland families."

NZ Wheel Clamping would not disclose to the court the terms of its contract with the businesses which own the carpark, and so could not prove its right to clamp under contract.


The chicken restaurant's manager intervened to confirm Mr Vickery was a genuine customer and asked for the [two] clamps to be removed, but the clamper refused.

Mr Vickery eventually took matters into his own hands when the NZ Wheel Clamping employee left.

"I basically took the wheel off the car, then let the air down and pulled the clamp off. This all took about three hours."

He said when NZ Wheel Clamping threatened to charge him with tampering with its property after he returned the clamps he took them to the disputes tribunal.

More than 60 people have contacted the Herald to complain about the practices of NZ Wheel Clamping's staff, with many alleging intimidation and abuse.

Henry Raynel, 88, ... said a raised display screen meant the permit could not be seen from one position in front of the car, but was clearly visible from every other angle.

NZ Wheel Clamping refunded Mr Raynel's fee the next day ...

"[The clamper] said, 'Well, I've already knocked [the fine] down from $180 to $80.' It was like, are you absolutely serious?"

Several people offered to remove the wheel and put their own spare tyre on the car, and a hat was passed around and enough money donated to pay the fine.

But Mr Raynel declined the offer and paid the $80 himself, before police turned up and told the clamper to refund his money.

NZ Wheel Clamping owner Gordon Ward was called to the carpark but refused to give any refund.

Mrs Powdrell was illegally clamped by NZ Wheel Clamping two weeks before Christmas after parking in the Glenmall carpark for a dental appointment.

Infringement fees have been issued to motorists who stopped for one minute, gone into one of the businesses without buying anything and who have paused to open a garage door. ...

"In the meantime people should know that advice from the Automobile Association and Consumer Affairs is that the Wheel Clamping Company has no statutory authority to fine people.

"Rather than pay the bill people should invite the Company to take the matter to a Disputes Tribunal", Mr Goff [Roskill MP] said in a statement.

Liss Good has run an antenatal clinic for women in their last trimester out of the Waitakere Community Resource Centre for five years and has always encouraged them to park outside the building.

However, on Thursday night, just five minutes after the class had started, a late arriving couple encountered a man clamping the wheels on cars.

The man clamped three cars, including the second wheel of a couple who attempted to remove the clamped wheel and replace it with the spare, and ticketed two more. "In five years this has never happened," Good said.

The parking officer [sic], an employee of New Zealand Wheel Clamping Company (NZWCC) hired by private landowners to patrol their car parks, demanded $200 cash for the clamp to be removed.

A further $250 would have been charged if he was not paid within 90 minutes in order to have the cars towed.

Update March 2014: NZ Wheel Clamping Co Limited was put into voluntary liquidation on Tuesday 11 March 2014. The liquidators' first report says the company ceased trading on 28 February 2014. This Off SiteNZ Herald article quotes the liquidation filing: "The liquidators are advised that after a drastic reduction in business, the company was unable to keep current with its debts. The decision was therefore taken to place the company in liquidation," [liquidator Rachel] Mason-Thomas said.

One month before NZ Wheel Clamping Co Ltd was liquidated Gordon Ward started Elite Parking Services Ltd. As of September 2015 he continues to extort fees of up to $450 for releasing clamped vehicles.


Danger: The group/person or belief/practice is considered dangerous due to mind control or particularly bad doctrine. These groups (or people) have a strong tendency to damage their members/followers.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic: The group/person or belief/practice has recently featured in the secular news media, has generated notable correspondence, is a popular conversation topic, etc. Note that this rating has nothing to do with the "cultishness" of a group.

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