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Religious Group News, December 2018:

  • Maori TV has screened Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, a 2015 documentary featuring Mark "Marty" Rathbun (former senior executive of the Church of Scientology, Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center), Mike Rinder (Australian former senior executive of the Church of Scientology International and the Sea Organization based in the United States, Executive Director of Office of Special Affairs), and others. They explain just how bad Scientology is.
  • The Orthodox Church in Ukraine has split from Russia, Off site link: forming a new denomination (AP News).

Site Changes, December 2018:

Religious Group News, November 2018:

  • The NZ Herald has published (Tuesday 6 November 2018) an editorial about the writer's perceived need to change New Zealand's abortion laws. Once again the unborn children which face the end of their lives are given no consideration:

    The earlier the abortion, the easier and quicker it is for woman (sic) and health practitioners.

    This is a horribly selfish view of something involving the death of human life, and reduces the value of life to mere convenience. As Ken Ham has Off site link: pointed out, abortion "is really child sacrifice to the god of self."

    One option is to repeal all specific law on abortion and make it subject to the same regulations as any other health treatment.

    Once again, the Big Lie. (See Karl du Fresne's article below.) Abortion is not merely a health treatment. Abortion delivers death.

  • Karl du Fresne Off site link: on Stuff highlights some of the inconsistencies in the position and arguments used by those who would kill unborn children. He writes:

    The Big Lie, which you can expect to hear repeated endlessly, is that abortion is a health issue. This is now a feminist article of faith. But no amount of repeating makes it true, because pregnancy and childbirth are not illnesses or disorders, and it's impossible to imagine anything less healthy for the unborn child than to have its life terminated.

  • Indeed, abortion is fatally unhealthy for unborn babies. When did so many New Zealanders become so callous about life? He finishes:

    Journalist Alison Mau gave an early example of the fatuous arguments likely to be deployed when, in a one-sided panel discussion on Radio New Zealand, she proposed that men should be required to get permission from certifying consultants before getting prostate checks, as women seeking an abortion have to do.

    This reduced the whole issue to a puerile game of gender tit-for-tat. It got her a cheap laugh, but the nature and purpose of the two procedures are fundamentally different. Prostate checks are about identifying and treating a potentially fatal disease. Their purpose is to save life.

    But pregnancy is not a disease, a foetus is not a tumour, and the consequence of an abortion is that life is extinguished, not saved. If a high-profile journalist like Mau can't grasp that crucial difference, we're in bigger trouble than I thought.

    Alison Mau (who we note has a history of making poor choices) is not the only columnist to compare abortions to prostate checks. This underlines the problem that those in favour of abortion are promoting an ideology, and pushing an agenda. They don't have a well thought-out position, and it's not a position that for a moment considers the well-being of the unborn child.

Site Changes, November 2018:

Religious Group News, October 2018:

  • The Off site link: NZ Herald reports:

    The Law Commission has outlined abortion law reforms that would remove abortion from the Crimes Act and repeal the need for two doctors to authorise the procedure. ... It proposes three alternative legal models for lawful abortion, all of which would require abortion to be taken out of the Crimes Act and to repeal the requirement for two doctors to authorise the procedure. ... "Our abortion law is over 40 years old, starts with the proposition that abortion is a crime. In February I asked the Law Commission for advice on what treating abortion as a health matter could look like," [Justice Minister Andrew] Little said.

    Andrew Little and the Labour Party have forgotten that the present law is written as it is because abortion kills a living entity. Unborn babies deserve cherishing, not dismembering.

  • In further social engineering, the Off site link: NZ Herald reports the Labour Party wants to ban "conversion therapy".

    Labour List MP Marja Lubeck ... said conversion therapy is a harmful practice and has no place in New Zealand. ... Lubeck's bill, the Prohibition of Conversion Therapy Bill, prohibits any person from advertising, offering, or performing a treatment that seeks to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity in New Zealand. ... She said the bill is about supporting young people to be proud of who they are.

    That begs the question – what if they're not proud and want to change? Or in the opposite situation, what treatment would be OK if the person is proud of being a legal predator?

  • Stuff Off site link: reports on physical abuse within the Gloriavale community – also in Off site link: this special report.

Site Changes, October 2018:

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