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Religious Group News, October 2019:

  • A quote from the blurb of colloidal silver currently for sale in New Zealand: [Brand name] Colloidal Silver has a positive charge on each ionic particle and when cells become infected with a bacteria they lose a positive electron and become negatively charged. Wikpedia listing for Off site link: electron: The electron is a subatomic particle, symbol e− or β− , whose electric charge is negative one elementary charge. (Emphasis added.) This is simply more evidence that colloidal silver sellers are scamming their customers.

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Site Changes, September 2019:

  • No changes.

Religious Group News, August 2019:

  • Off site link: Stuff reports that another Gloriavale family has left the community: "Mr Ben-Canaan was thrown out of the community two months ago and his wife and seven children joined him later." They are now looking for work and accomodation. The article finishes with another former member saying when he left it took seven years to adjust to life outside Gloriavale.

Site Changes, August 2019:

Religious Group News, July 2019:

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