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Site Changes, January 2018:

Site Changes, December 2017:

Religious Group News, November 2017:

  • Korean Cult Shincheonji makes the news again for poaching members from Christian churches. See Off Sitethis NZ Herald article for more on this story.
  • Two Destiny Church charities, Destiny International Trust and Te Hahi o Nga Matamua Holdings Limited, are to be removed from the charities register on 20 December. Despite receiving warnings from the Charities Registration Board, they "both had failed to meet their obligations under the Charities Act and would be de-registered." Neither charity had filed annual returns since 2015. Destiny responded by calling the Board incompetent and saying the decision should be recalled and an apology issued, at the threat of legal action to pursue costs. Read more in Off Sitethis Stuff article.
  • White Ribbon Campaign found it was being infiltrated by Destiny Church members and wasn't too happy about it. This Stuff article gives a good idea of the lengths Destiny has allegedly gone to – absolutely extraordinary allegations:

    In a Facebook post, Tamaki suggested White Ribbon was hypocritical in its condemnation of Destiny Church. "The top White Ribbon awards this year – four of them – were all won by Man Up," he said. "Oh, the irony of it all!"

    [White Ribbon campaign manager Rob] McCann confirmed the awards but said they were not representative of the views of White Ribbon. He said the organisation had been infiltrated by Destiny members who had then created the awards. "So in effect, Destiny Church members have given awards to Destiny Church organisations" in the name of White Ribbon, McCann said. "There's an issue there that needs to be dealt with in 2018."

    McCann said he was "appalled" by the suggestion Brian Tamaki could be representing White Ribbon. "It just feels exactly like what happened with the Maori Women's League, that it's been a bit of a hijack to create their own publicity," he said.

    McCann was referring to a public stoush in 2011 involving Tamaki's wife, Hannah Tamaki, when she bid for the league's presidency. Tamaki was thrown off the ballot after it emerged Destiny followers had established 10 new branches of the league in an attempt to sway the vote in her favour.

    To summarise, Destiny Church infiltrated Maori Women's League, created 10 new branches to stack the voting to elect Hannah Tamaki as president, then (allegedly) infiltrated White Ribbon Campaign, created a set of awards, and awarded them to a Destiny Church organisation.

Site Changes, November 2017:

  • None.

Religious Group News, October 2017:

  • 31 October 2017 marks 500 years since the start of the Reformation, when Martin Luthor nailed his Off SiteNinety-five Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany. (Off SiteVideo here.) They were points he wanted to discuss, mostly regarding corruption in the Roman Catholic Church and their selling of indulgences, which was a way of making money by selling forgiveness (reducing the amount of punishment for sins). Martin Luthor could not find anything like it in the Bible. His aim was to reform the Roman Catholic Church, but that did not happen. However, the Reformation continued, resulting in massive changes to religion, science, and politics. For example:
    • Jesus Christ reinstated as the only mediator between God and people.
    • The Bible reinstated as the source of Christian religious truth.
    • A quest for truth underlaid scientific enquiry.
    • Power moved from the Roman Catholic Church to the people, resulting in the democratic basis of the Western world today.
  • Martin Luthor was not the first to believe that changes were needed (for example, Off SiteJohn Wycliffe, Off SiteJan Hus), and he is certainly not the last. Some people believe a Off Sitenew reformation is needed, because the Bible is no longer Christians' ultimate authority.

Site Changes, October 2017:

  • None.
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