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Religious Group News, January 2020:

  • Another article about Gloriavale leavers – in particular James Harrison and his family of 15 children – has been posted by Stuff. Along with looking at some of the changes leavers face, the article mentions The reclusive cult had become "even less open" after leadership passed from Gloriavale founder Hopeful Christian, who died in May 2018, to a group of elders. A previous story about James Harrison is also on Stuff.

Site Changes, January 2020:

Religious Group News, December 2019:

  • Stuff reports the New Zealand Skeptics has awarded the Wellington City Council its annual Bent Spoon award for the use of water divining, also called dowsing. But the council is denying it was them, pointing the finger at a contractor, Downer Group. Gary Sue, regional manager of Wellington Transport Services at Downer, defended the use of dowsing, saying it is one tool (of many) and that it was widely used. Some dowsers actually do use metal coathangers or just number 8 wire; the last line of the article probably means plastic coathangers. Whatever items are used are just as uneffective as any other. Other finalists included the anti-vaccination movement and alkaline water – related to the alkaline diet.

Site Changes, December 2019:

Religious Group News, November 2019:

  • Megan Phelps-Roper – formerly of Off site link: Westboro Baptist Church, and daughter of Westboro Baptist Church matriarch Shirley Phelps-Roper – will be on stage with Louis Theroux on 10 January 2020. More information in on Stuff here.
  • A company owned by Gloriavale members has failed in an application for money from the Provincial Growth Fund. Off site link: This Stuff article explains: A Provincial Development Unit spokeswoman said PGF funding, particularly for larger requests, was by repayable loans. "Applicants should also demonstrate an ability to fund at least 51 per cent of the project's overall costs. The application was for a substantial grant so it did not meet this criteria," she said.
  • Yoga teachers are injuring themselves trying to take photographs of difficult poses they can post on Instagram. This Off site link: article on Stuff quotes a UK physiotherapist highlighting the risk: "When I first started seeing patients eight years ago, I would see around one yoga teacher every six months. But now I am seeing four to five every month". The article also quotes a yoga teacher: "Most yoga teachers I know get injuries in their legs and lower backs for forcing themselves into positions."

Site Changes, November 2019:

Religious Group News, October 2019:

  • A quote from the blurb of colloidal silver currently for sale in New Zealand: [Brand name] Colloidal Silver has a positive charge on each ionic particle and when cells become infected with a bacteria they lose a positive electron and become negatively charged. Wikpedia listing for Off site link: electron: The electron is a subatomic particle, symbol e− or β− , whose electric charge is negative one elementary charge. (Emphasis added.) This is simply more evidence that colloidal silver sellers are scamming their customers.

Site Changes, October 2019:

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