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New Zealand Religious Groups
2006 Census Data

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A breakdown of New Zealand religions for 2006 (preliminary results still listed in brackets).

  1. Anglican--554,925
  2. Catholic--508,437 (formerly listed as 508,812)
  3. Presbyterian, Congregational and Reformed--400,839 (formerly listed as 385,350)
  4. Christian, not further defined (nfd)--186,234
  5. Methodist--121,806 (formerly listed as 122,076)
  6. Pentecostal--79,155 (formerly listed as 79,617)
  7. Hinduism--64,392 (formerly listed as 63,891)
  8. Baptist--56,913 (formerly listed as 56,919)
  9. Buddhism--52,362 (formerly listed as 52,392)
  10. Ratana--50,565
  11. Latter Day Saints (Mormons)--43,539 (formerly listed as 43,500)
  12. Islam--36,072 (formerly listed as 35,976)
  13. Jehovah’s Witnesses--17,910 (formerly listed as 17,900)
  14. Brethren--19,617 (formerly listed as Open Brethren--16,800, Exclusive Brethren--2,300)
  15. Ringatu--16,419
  16. Adventists-- 16,191 (formerly listed as Seventh-day Adventists 14,000)
  17. Orthodox--13,194 (formerly listed as 22,017)
  18. Salvation Army--11,493 (formerly listed as 11,500)
  19. Sikh--9,507 (formerly listed as 9,500)
  20. Spiritualism, Spiritualist--7,743 (formerly listed as 7,700)
  21. Nature and Earth Based Religions--7,125 (formerly included under New Age religions)
  22. Judaism--6,858
  23. Other New Age religions--2,871 (formerly included under New Age religions 9,500)
  24. Baha’i--2,772 (formerly listed as 2,800)
  25. Maori Religion--2,412 (formerly listed as Unspecified Maori religions 1,880)
  26. Theism--2,202 (not formerly listed)
  27. Satanism--1,167 (not formerly listed)
  28. Zoroastrian--1,071 (not formerly listed)
  29. Chinese Religions--912 (not formerly listed)
  30. New Age, nfd--669
  31. Hauhau--609
  32. Japanese Religions--384 (not formerly listed)
  33. Other Maori Christian--360
  34. Scientology--357
  35. Other Other Religions--258
  36. Maori Christian, nfd--219
  37. Jainism--111 (not formerly listed)
  38. Tenrikyo--11
  39. Other Religion, nfd--4,830

Some form of Christianity--2,027,418--??% (formerly listed as 2,062,752--52.9%)
No religion--1,297,104--32.2%

Non-response rate--6.2%. (2001: 5.7%.) This included 31,000 "Response Outside Scope" which covers ~20,000 people who responded with Jedi (2001: ~54,000).
Object to answer--6.0% (2001: 6.4%.)


Non-Christian religions

    From 2001 to 2006 there was an increase in people affiliating with non-Christian religions. These increases are mainly attributed to migrants, particularly from Asia.


    • Of Buddhists born overseas, most were born in Asia (91.6%, 34,422 out of 37,590 people).
    • More than one-third (36.1 percent) of overseas-born Buddhists arrived in New Zealand less than five years ago.


    • People affiliated with Hinduism increased by 61.8% (up from 39,798 to 64,392).
    • Almost 8 in 10 people (78.8%) affiliated with the Hindu religion were born overseas, particularly in Southern Asia and the Pacific Islands.
    • Of the people born overseas affiliating with Hinduism, almost half (49.8%) had arrived in New Zealand less than five years ago.


    • People affiliated with Islam increased 52.6% (up from 23,631 to 36,072).
    • A similar proportion of people affiliating with Islam (77.0%) were born overseas, mainly in Southern Asia, but also in the Middle East.
    • Of the people born overseas affiliating with Muslim religions, almost half (48.0%) had arrived in New Zealand less than five years ago.


    • The number of people indicating an affiliation with the Sikh religion increased by 83.0% (up from 5,196 to 9,507).

No religion

    The number and proportion of people indicating that they had no religion continued to increase in the 2006 Census. In 2006, 1,297,104 people (34.7%) stated that they had no religion, compared with 1,028,052 people (29.6%) in the 2001 Census.

    Younger people were more likely to be recorded as having no religion. Over 4 in 10 (43.0%) children (aged 0-14 years) were recorded as having no religion, compared with over 1 in 10 (11.8%) people aged 65 years and over.

    The European and New Zealander ethnic groups had the highest proportions of people stating that they had no religion, at 37.7% (955,260 people) and 37.6% (155,268 people), respectively.

    People in the Middle Eastern, Latin American and African ethnic grouping were least likely to state that they had no religion, with 11.0% or 3,651 people in this group giving this response in the 2006 Census.

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