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Søndergaard, Torben. Caution Hot Topic Torben Søndergaard is the leader of The Last Reformation, a group which focuses on water baptism and healing. His doctrine in a number of areas is questionable, leading to him being accused of the following (not an exhaustive list).

This report from a researcher:

Torben Søndergaard of The last Reformation and Todd Bentley?

June 2016

Years ago I was advised by a friend who knows Torben Søndergaard well, that Torben was a repentance preaching healing evangelist opposed to Todd Bentley, Lakeland, Toronto and alike. Also that Torben had been ostracized for many years in Denmark for holding that view. Like most people would, I accepted that from my friend because he was outspoken re Kundalini etc so I didn’t look into Torben. But in recent times I became increasingly concerned with reports of alleged strange statements made by Torben in The Last Reformation kick-start meetings and comments from those who follow him on blogs of a doctrinally dangerous nature so I decided to do some investigations. This was challenging given that any search of Torben would be in the Danish language and not show up in English search. Obviously this language barrier meant Torben was not well known or indeed scrutinized by the English speaking Christian world. Thanks to the internet and translation software this is not impossible so here are some of my findings.

Back in 2003 Torben was not anti-Todd Bentley but quite the opposite. Torben Søndergaard was one of the leaders who invited Todd Bentley for the first time to Denmark and was the Master of Ceremonies at the first meetings ever held by Todd Bentley in Denmark. Here are excerpts from two reporters’ articles written on the 3rd of September 2003 for Kristeligt. They report…

"It's all about Jesus, because he took our guilt and punishment, just like 'get em. It's cool, yeah", says the evening's master of ceremonies, Torben Søndergaard from Brande, who on singing Jutland introduces the evening's preacher, the 27-year-old Canadian Todd Bentley.

On stage in Herning Sports now comes her son, Torben Søndergaard. He is one of the leaders of the Free Church who invited Todd Bentley.

Well OK, that clearly establishes a strong Todd Bentley connection. But then there is commentary sometime later on (I have not been able to establish details of or when this happened yet) Torben opposed Todd Bentley and supposedly wrote to the editor of The Challenge in Denmark.

Now let’s come forward to 2015 where at that same newspaper Torben now has a column. Torben writes in the newspaper The Challenge on 22 January 2015…

"10 years ago a man came from the US to Denmark with a prophetic word to us our country. The word was that Denmark would become known as the Pool of Bethesda. That is a place where the sick could experience salvation and healing. He said that it would not only be one or two places, but it would be all over the country. Yes, no matter where you came in Denmark, there would be people who would ask for one and set one free."

OK, so Torben is quoting a prophecy without naming the source, but some Danish Christians looked for the prophetic source and found one that’s very familiar – prophetic words given by Todd Bentley Wednesday, August 6, 2003.

"Only on this occasion I have seen it as clearly as I see in the spirit of the evening. God will do something on a national level. In the Bible, in John 5 provides a healing outpouring – the Pool of Bethesda, which means outpouring of grace. And there were people from all over Israel, who went to this geographical location. The Bible says that a quantity of sick, blind, lame and crippled came to this place, the pool of Bethesda. They came from across the nation, to be healed. And international said, there is healing in the place. And at a certain time an angel came and touched the water in the pond, and the one who first came in, was cured no matter what disease he failed. The sick said there is a healing anointing at Bethesda Dam.

When I asked for my trip to Denmark, the Holy Spirit said: "Todd, not just in one region or a church or a town, there will be a 'Pool of Bethesda'." I asked, "Lord, where would it be?"

The entire Danish land will be known for the healing power, and people from abroad will say: "If we can come to the country to Denmark, then we will be healed. And it does not matter what city or church we go to, for healing happens everywhere in the country"

The last four years I have prophesied churches, cities and regions, which will host the healing outpourings. But I've never seen an entire country, as all sides have a healing anointing. Healings will happen all the time in all cities. It will be bigger than the revival in the 40s, 50s and 60s in North America with Jack Co., AA Allan, William Branham, Gordon Linsey and healing the weakening of America in the 1950s. And it will be the tool for the great harvest. The kind of anointing that was to harvest the 1950s and 60s in recovery weakening, where in 100's of cities every day could be meetings with healing and miracles. It will not just Todd Bentley, Charles Ndifon or Benny Hinn, but 100's of people and also Danes. There will be a fire, and I saw it burning up against the Scandinavian countries.

The Holy Spirit said, "Todd, I want you to say that this is more than four days of healing. I want you to tell them that there comes a healing revival. And it will be like with the Pool of Bethesda in John 5. You should take all pastors and leaders up and put hands on them, so they can receive the anointing which you have. So they can take it to those parts of Denmark which they come from.
(Source) [broken link]

So Torben is publishing in January 2015 the false teacher Todd Bentley's 2003 prophecy that came on the lead-up to the very same meetings where Torben worked with Todd Bentley back in 2003. Was Todd Bentley obedient to whomever it was talking to him back in 2003 and did he do what was asked?

"You should take all pastors and leaders up and put hands on them, so they can receive the anointing which you have. So they can take it to those parts of Denmark which they come from." *
(Source) [broken link]

With an emphasis on passing on "the anointing" or "the blessing" so prevalent at the time from Rodney Howard Brown, Jill Austin and a host of others it's likely that Todd did just that. See quote reported from an attendee of the 2003 meeting desperately seeking healing…

"And even if some of her friends outside the church have a little difficulty relating to her trust in God holding Kirsten Søndergaard maintained this position and will continue to seek out pastors as Ndifon and Todd Bentley to have part of their anointing. I certainly understand their skepticism, because that was exactly how we felt about Torben and his talk, as he had been saved before we even began attending church, says Kirsten Søndergaard. But as I have said: Going to meetings and hope for a miracle can never hurt, she adds." *

All this raises some questions as to what is going on.

* Note that quotes are from articles that do have minor translation errors from Danish to English but have not altered context.


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