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The NZ Cult List was started on 11 September 1999 by Ian Mander as a list of cults operating in New Zealand. It was quickly realised that a list of just cult groups was not sufficient to answer visitors' questions about the beliefs and practices of a wider range of groups than just cults. Thus, to help people sort out the good from the bad the list expanded to include New Zealand cults, sects, religions, Christian organisations and various other groups. It is thus in a general sense more a New Zealand Religions List rather than just a New Zealand Cult List.

The list has been slowly growing ever since. The list will never be a complete, exhaustive list of religious groups in New Zealand, or even just the cult groups in New Zealand. Because of constraints on our time, we'll probably never get around to listing every group that currently exists, and new groups arrive in New Zealand every year. However, we do endeavour to list all that we can, and all of the most significant groups.

In October 2003 a major overhaul was completed, with the list being combined with more information to create a new web site –

The new site has more information and hopefully makes the information even easier to find. The current editor is Ian Mander.

The list will be of most use to Christians in New Zealand, as the list entries have been written from a Christian perspective with New Zealanders in mind. The entries are not intended to offend people. We try to draw a distinction between an individual and that individual's beliefs. Please understand that if you belong to one of the groups listed here and you don't like what is written, you are not being personally attacked. In almost all cases it is the group or cult that you belong to that is being exposed – normally because they try to unfairly control the lives of their members.

Many people take a "Let's bury our head in the sand" approach to the cults. They ignore the dangers of cults in the mistaken belief that the cults could not affect them. Sadly, cults and false religions can deceive all sorts of people. Very intelligent and well educated people are often misled by the cults. For more information on this see the Cult FAQ section on who joins cults. Read the rest of the Cult FAQ for more information on the dangers of cults, especially techniques of mind control.

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