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Census Figures

Census results for religious groups in New Zealand.

  • Note that each count has been rounded to a multiple of 3 (apparently except for a 1991 Scientology figure and the occasional other figure).
  • In the 1991 and 1996 Censuses only one response to religious affiliation was collected. In the 2001 and 2006 Censuses up to four responses were collected.
  • The population of New Zealand (mid 2010) is almost 4.366 million.

The following years are available:

  • 2013

  • Held in March 2013.

  • 2011 – census cancelled.

    The 2011 census was Off site link: cancelled due to the Off site link: 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The government's statistics minister said it would be unfair to expect Canterbury residents to fill in census forms, the data would likely not be reliable, and the Christchurch-based Statistics New Zealand offices which process the forms was extensively damaged.

  • 2006

  • Held on Tuesday 7 March 2006.

  • 2001

  • 1996

  • 1991

  • 1986

    • Scientology 189

Election Results

For the 2005 general election a list was been compiled by the Editor of election results for the last several decades, which compares various governments with a few of the moral laws they introduced during their terms. Which is the more moral party? National or Labour?

Download the PDF (69KB).

The 2005 election was won by Labour, although they were found to have overspent their permitted election budget by $768,000. After much complaining they eventually paid it back in 2007.

With the 2008 election soon to be held, some more results could be added to the PDF, such as:

  • Care of Children Act (July 2005). Government information states: "Instead of custody of their children, the Act provides for parents or other caregivers to have day-to-day care of the children."
  • Off site link: Repeal of Section 59 of the Crimes Act. It is now illegal to use any force to discipline New Zealand children. In other words if they don't want to go into time out, you can't use force to put them there.
  • Off site link: Electoral Finance Act. It seriously curtails freedom of speech in this country, while at the same time removes limits for parliamentary spending that is clearly electioneering. (Ironically, since this law was passed it has been broken by Labour more than any other party.)
  • An attempt was made to limit the flow rate of showerheads to just 6 L/min. The idea was abandoned after a public outcry.
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