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All new information, email enquiries about cults, complaints, etc,
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but please read the following first. Thank you.

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We do not pretend to know everything about every cult and religion in New Zealand and would appreciate more information, especially regarding the groups, practices and people on the Wanted page. Feel free to contribute.

However, a proportion of the emails we receive are from people who while perhaps not presently seeking help, probably need help. If sending a complaint, please ensure it is intelligently written, and be prepared to further explain your views. Sorry, but if you are writing from a generic email account (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc) or from a non-New Zealand address you have a lower chance of receiving a personal response.

If you or a loved one is presently in a cult in New Zealand and you want personal assistance, reassurance or advice, we suggest you contact Off site link: Cultwatch (be prepared for a wait).

If you simply want to moan about how you've discovered the site's secret Christian agenda, please read the home page (second paragraph) before starting your moan. We don't make any secret of it. Really. Thank you.

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