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Cult FAQ

Cult FAQ

Disclaimer: The below information contains many generalisations and may not apply to any particular cult.

Where can I get more information?

Cult and Religion Information to Download | New Zealand Cult and Apologetics Ministries
Other Cult Ministries and Cult-related Information Sites | Other Apologetics Sites, etc
Scams and Urban Legends

Cult and Religion Information to Download

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  • Cult Beliefs pamphlet (PDF, 15 KB). DLE sized (A4 folded in thirds). The main beliefs of Christianity compared with the cults Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Scientology, and the New Age Movement. Last updated 12 December 2004.

  • Cult Mind Control pamphlet (PDF, 3.9 MB). DLE sized (A4 folded in thirds). Covers what mind control is, how it differs from brainwashing, the common techniques used, how to recognise it, and how to protect yourself, your church, and your community. Last updated 4 August 2016.

    (For more in-depth information, buy a copy of Guy Steward's book Mind Control: Choosing Between Truth & Deception.)

  • Gentle Wind Project: Insiders' Stories (PDF, 52 KB). An article written by former members describing the cult-like activities of group. (The Gentle Wind Project denies these claims.)

  • Honest Questions for Honest-hearted Jehovah's Witnesses (PDF 17 KB). "Dear Jehovah’s Witness, please take time right now to give some thought to these questions. The writer of this tract hopes you will seriously consider these matters, and take in accurate knowledge that can lead to eternal life."

  • Waterworks – Baptismal Regeneration and the New Testament (PDF, 30 KB). A5 sized (A4 folded in half). The true importance of baptism, including important Bible verses for talking to cult members.

  • Water Baptism and Salvation – A Response to the Teaching of the Church of Christ (PDF, 64 KB). "The purpose of this paper is to answer one question: Is water baptism a necessary condition for salvation?"

  • Xenu leaflet (PDF, 196 KB). A5 sized (A4 folded in half). Tells the incredibly ridiculous story of Scientology's Xenu. The pamphlet is public domain so if you'd like to host it yourself go ahead.

  • An Overview of the Baha'i Faith (PDF, 241kB) by David L Johnson, DMin, MA. 15 pages, A4 sized.

  • Election Results (PDF, 69kB). A list has been compiled by the Editor of election results for the last several decades, which compares various governments with a few of the moral laws they introduced during their terms. Which is the more moral party? National or Labour? This has been more or less completely superceded by Family First's


New Zealand Cult and Apologetics Ministries, and Anti-scam Sites

  • Cultwatch. Specialises in information on mind control and super apostles. Also offers exit-counselling.

  • Jubilee Resources. Publishes the excellent Unmasking series of books and also stock other good books about cults and how to witness to cult members, but supports non-biblical activities such as the dangerous Theophostic Counselling. Based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand with branches in Australia, Canada and USA.

  • Truth Watch. "A group of Evangelical Christians committed to Biblical Truth." Based in Wellington.

  • New Zealand Christian Apologetics Network.

  • Maxim Institute. Not specifically Christian, Maxim is an independent charitable trust with the mission "through policy and public debate to promote the principles of a free, just and compassionate society." They also state "Maxim Institute is not aligned to any political party or church."

  • Olive Leaf Network. The website states: The Olive Leaf Network is a collection of people dedicated to supporting former members of high-demand religious groups. In particular we are experienced with supporting former members of the Exclusive Brethren (Plymouth Brethren Christian Church). ... Through our network, we seek to connect religious abuse survivors and leavers of high-demand religious groups, especially those from the PBCC, with wider support. In doing so, we extend an olive leaf to those who may be afloat on the difficult seas of religious trauma, abuse, or excommunication.


Other Cult Ministries and Cult-related Information Sites

  • Apologetics Index is another list of cults and religious groups, based in the Netherlands. We note they do some things in a similar way to the New Zealand Cult List.

  • MM Outreach Inc has a large library of resources for Jehovah's Witnesses, Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and many other cults. MM Outreach Inc was founded in 2007, taking over the resources of MacGregor Ministries which was started in 1979 by Lorri MacGregor who spent 15 years as a JW. 

  • Quackwatch. Information on many new age (or "alternative") medical therapies.

  • Watchman Fellowship maintains an extensive list of all sorts of groups, from cults through to Christian denominations, and was the inspiration for the New Zealand Cult List (this site).


Other Apologetics Sites, etc

Chrisitian apologetics is about being able to give an answer to anyone who asks you about Christianity, why you are a Christian, etc. It's not about apologising for being a Christian.

  • Answers in Genesis. "Upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse." They have an article How to Find a Good Church.

  • The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM). "Equipping Christians." Their material includes the article Essential Doctrines of Christianity.

  • Creation on the Web. "This website answers many of the most-asked questions about God (our Creator) and the Bible."

  • Defend Your Faith. "A website dedicated to equipping Christians, especially young believers in High School and College, with the solid evidence they need to stand for the Truth! Topics include: Creation, evolution, dinosaurs, Jesus, the Bible, and the Gospel, starting a Bible or Prayer Club, and Christian legal issues."

  • Defending Inerrancy. "Standing up for the Bible before it’s too late". "It’s been said that a table must have at least three legs to stand. Take away any of the three legs and it will surely topple. In much the same way, the Christian faith stands on three legs. These three legs are the inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of Scripture. Take away one, and like the table, the divine authority of the Christian faith will surely topple. These three “in’s” complement each other, yet each expresses a slightly different distinction in our understanding of Scripture."

  • Give Me An Answer. "Straight forward answers for skeptics and truth-seekers." Videos of Cliffe Knechtle discussing the reasonableness of Christianity at universities around the United States.

  • Stand to Reason. Answers questions like did God create evil?

  • What's the Harm? If you've ever thought that there's no harm in trying an alternative medical treatment such as homeopathy or naturopathy, take a look at this site.


Scams and Urban Legends

  • Scamwatch. A web site run by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and highly recommended. "The aim of Scamwatch is to provide you with information you need to protect yourself from scams, so you can recognise a setup and avoid the hook and the inevitable sting of a scam."

  • Australia Scamwatch. The Australian equivalent.

  • One of the best urban legends sites.

  • Another good urban legends site.


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