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The Gentle Wind Project

Other Main Names:

  • GWP, The Gentle Wind Retreat, "healing instruments", I Ching Systems
  • John Miller, John "Tubby" Miller, Mary Miller, Mary "Moe" Miller

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The Gentle Wind Project main listing can be found here.

The Gentle Wind Project is (or was – see History) a well-organised extreme New Age group, and is believed by many to be a New Age cult, a business cult, and/or a scam. See the Quotes page to read other things it has been called. Most of what is said below now applies to the latest version of the scam, I Ching Systems.

Former members have described the group as being "a Cult." Their descriptions of GWP's practices include many of the standard mind control techniques such as deceptive recruitment, control of information, etc, as well as a slightly more original angle – sexual rituals to provide energy for GWP's "healing instruments" which the group makes and sells. The members involved in the practices – mostly women – are supposedly warned not to tell outsiders (or even their husbands) about these sexual practices. (Naturally, GWP has attempted to refute the claims.)

GWP charges/requests donations of anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars for the various healing instruments, which do absolutely NOTHING for the well-being of the user apart from that easily explained by expectation, dependency and the placebo effect. Being large, brightly coloured and very expensive, the healing instruments should make really great placebos – just don't take them orally. Caveat emptor ("let the buyer beware" – although if you misinterpret that Latin as meaning "the buyer has an empty head" you might not be far off).

False claims of credibility (especially relating to the healing instruments), deceptive marketing and sales practices, the highly questionable end destination of money raised, etc, are signs the Gentle Wind Project is also a business cult and scam.

The group is led by a single man, John Miller, with what has been described as his "harem" of five women. John Miller and the five women were listed as directors of the Gentle Wind nonprofit organisation, and with the exception of Mary Miller (deceased) they are now listed as co-founders of I Ching Systems and Artworks. Most of these women have changed their surname to Miller, as have some of the roughly 10 people in the next level of leadership (who are officially employees). John Miller is said to be an extremely charismatic individual.

Urgent Notice: A worldwide product recall has been announced for all "healing instruments" manufactured by the Gentle Wind Project. These "healing instruments" apparently do not meet the specifications of the original designers and may cause harmful side-effects.

Written submissions for this listing are still being accepted. Please see the Contact page. We note that to date no submissions have been received from the Gentle Wind Project or anyone representing them (legally or otherwise).

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