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The Gentle Wind Project

Other Main Names:

  • GWP, The Gentle Wind Retreat, "healing instruments", I Ching Systems
  • John Miller, John "Tubby" Miller, Mary Miller, Mary "Moe" Miller

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Healing Instruments

"Healing instruments" made by GWP are claimed to have only positive benefits and absolutely no side effects. They are alleged to be able to fix mental and spiritual damage that seriously affects a person's aura. Instructions on how to make these things are supposedly channeled through John Miller from the spirit world. The healing instruments are claimed to have telepathic abilities to heal, and their workings are described with meaningless psychobabble worthy of the worst sci-fi writers. For example, this description of one of their more expensive items:

The Bar adds a complexity of well over 6 - 60 Mhz [sic] minimum of temporal shifting combined with millions of predefined etheric modifications operating in a vertically and horizontally oriented polarization within an individuals [sic] system. This ultra complex process is set in motion by this healing instrument through a temporal and spatial gate set up when a healing instrument is held. (The last two sentences may sound like a lot of crap ...)

Yes, they really say that, including the last sentence in parentheses. It's nice to know that at least they realise it sounds like a lot of crap. In reality the instruments are described as being nothing more than colourful lumps of plastic and metal.

Read more under Practices.


Reincarnation is one of the most common beliefs of the New Age Movement. GWP claims their "healing instruments" can end the endless cycle of reincarnation by allowing the soul to return to its origin after death. (This is a common perversion of the Christian "Fall" where Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden.)

Members say they have been told their children would be reincarnated as animals because they were bad parents. (This is an example of using guilt to control.)

It is claimed the top tier of leadership all have pet animals instead of children. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but when the animal dies it is supposedly reincarnated into the next pet.

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