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International Churches of Christ

Other Main Names:

  • Central Auckland Church of Christ
  • Christchurch Church of Christ
  • Kip McKean (founder)

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The Boston Movement is a cult which appears very like an ordinary church, except that there is never any instrumental accompaniment to singing.

The main danger with this group are their mind control practices. Members are characterised by their enthusiasm and apparently endless energy.

The group has been called "the new Moonies" by the Moonies themselves (a cult group that is reknown for its mind control), and have also been likened to a combine harvester moving through the Christian church - taking in Christians (especially tertiary students), chewing them up, and spitting them out, leaving their faith destroyed. Very often people who have left this group do not rejoin the mainstream Christian church, because of the damage done.

Worldwide, a quarter of a million people have left the cult (including those kicked out for questioning).

In 2005 the International Church of Christ faced massive internal changes that might have resulted in the "cult" designation being changed. However, founder Kip McKean appeared to be trying to regain control of the group in his new position of lead evangelist for the Portland, Oregon branch, and in July 2007 returned to lead the ICC in Los Angeles. It is unclear how overseas leadership changes have affected the ICC in New Zealand.

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