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International Church of Christ /
International Christian Church

Other Main Names:

Names not in italics are associated with the International Church of Christ.
Names in italic are names are associated with the International Christian Church.

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These practices apply to the International Church of Christ and may also apply to the International Christian Church, except as noted in italics, which apply specifically to the International Christian Church.


Members are expected to go on a date every weekend. If a member does not go on a date they are said to be proud. Once a member knows who they like, leadership tells them to pick the five people of the opposite sex they most like. The member then dates them by rotation, slowly dropping one by one off their date list.

Once the member narrows it down to one person, if they want a steady relationship permission must be obtained to be boyfriend/girlfriend outside of the standard weekend dating. This permission is obtained by sending a request up the pyramid discipling structure to the top and down the other side.

Couples are not allowed to kiss until they are married. Holding hands is allowed, as are one-armed politically-correct style hugs.


In the cult's version of discipling, each member has someone over them, called their discipler, in a pyramid structure. A new member is discipled by a more mature Christian who is discipled by his or her cell leader who is discipled by the area leader who is discipled by the head of the church branch. The leader of each branch is discipled by the leader of the church that planted it.

The discipler has complete control over the disciple. This is the case even in matters of opinion where there is no biblical justification (eg, where to work, who to date, time usage). The disciple is taught that he must submit to his discipler and that he must imitate his discipler's attributes.

The disciple must confess all his/her sins to his discipler. A written record of these sins is kept and later used in an intimidatory manner to keep the disciple under control and to prevent him or her from leaving the church.


Members are strongly encouraged to bring new people to meetings, and are often criticised for not meeting quotas. Because of the unreasonable evangelism expectations, burnout is common.

Members are expected to meet at least 25 people per day or 60+ per week. Of this number they are told that they must collect at least 10 contact telephone numbers and bring at least 5 possible recruits to the next Sunday service. Members are instructed to contact their possible recruits every day at any hour of the day to encourage the possible recruit to come to church. This could be labelled as pure harassment. Some possible recruits break down at this point and come to the church to stop the phone calls.


Secular music is deemed to be good but Christian music is not considered good. Church singing is acapella (without music). Members are encourage to NOT listen to Christian music or Christian radio. However members are encouraged to attempt to recruit Christian radio broadcasters.

International Christian Church: "instrumental music [is] not prohibited in the Scriptures."


Members have to tithe 10% of their gross income (ie, before tax). Twice a year they are expected to make a special payment of 16 times their normal weekly payment. (These special payments are used to start new branches). If a member misses a payment they are told they have to make it up because they are in financial debt to God.

The tithe is collected at the midweek service. On Sundays a collection for the poor is taken up and members are encouraged to donate a minimum of 7% of their gross weekly income.

If you're doing the maths, that adds up to a tithe of approximately 23% of a member's gross weekly income.

Love Bombing

The second time a new prospect attends a meeting, they have people with the same interests as them sit with them and pretend to be interested in their life.

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