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Jacobs, Cindy. Danger A false prophet, and leader in the New Apostolic Reformation. Her husband Mike Jacobs is also a false prophet.

Jainism. False Religion Eastern religion with a very small following in New Zealand, with just 57 adherants in the 2001 census. Most Jains worldwide live in India (0.4% of India's total population), although it is not officially recognised as a minority religion throughout that country. It is also slowly declining there, but at the same time is increasing in the West. Beliefs include karma. Practices include meditation. Wikipedia's Off site link: Jainism article says Jains refuse food obtained with unnecessary cruelty. Many are vegan due to the violence of modern dairy farms. The Jain diet excludes most root vegetables, as they believe this destroys entire plants unnecessarily. If you eat apples, you do not destroy whole trees, but for root vegetables, whole plants are uprooted. It possibly gave rise to Buddhism and has had a large effect on Hinduism.

James, Soreya. Danger Leading member and promoter of Circle.

Jander, Ingrid. Danger Ingrid Jander is a cosmic healer, manipulator and fraudster. See Off site link: this Stuff article for more information. The article lists other names Ingrid Jander is known by, including first names Ingrid, Hillary, Angelina, Angela and Ariana, and the surnames Snow-Jander, Johnston and Jander-Johnston. She has been described as "a master of manipulation, lies and deceit" and is said to have "claimed to be a medical doctor, a psychologist, naturopath and nutritionist and used those apparent qualifications to lend authority to her stories". Ingrid Jander is rated Danger for the destruction of families and the physical and mental damage she does to people and relationships.

Jehovah's Witnesses. Danger Hot Topic Printable version Cult through and through. They deny the deity of Jesus Christ and have many other serious doctrinal errors that contradict the Bible and their own incredibly inaccurate version of the Bible known as the New World Translation. They enforce extremely strong mind control on their members. Known for door knocking in order to recruit new members – something they have to do to be saved (they have to do the door knocking, not necessarily the recruiting). If you happen to talk to some at your door, note that (as a generalisation) they think it's OK to lie to you since they do not consider you, as an outsider, worth the truth. (For an explanation see Off site link: Why Witnesses Lie in Court.) Founded by Charles Taze Russell (b 1852, d 1916) in 1879 and renamed to Jehovah's Witnesses in 1931, with the name coming from a spirit guide. Under the banner of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society they publish Awake! magazine and Watchtower magazine and Off site link: many other books, magazines, brochures and pamphlets. Branch meeting buildings are called Kingdom Halls. Notwithstanding the above, please note that most Jehovah's Witnesses are very genuine people, what you might call model citizens, and are very sincere in what they believe. They believe they are doing the right thing. For more information see the Closeup on Jehovah's Witnesses (including some downloadable pamphlets) or Off site link: Institute for Religious Research's JW listing.

Jeremiah, David. Caution David Jeremiah is a conservative Christian teacher who hosts the show Turning Point With David Jeremiah screened on New Zealand television. He is a pastor and author, including books on Christian theology. Rated Caution for indulging in questionable end-times prophecy interpretation.

Jessa O' My Heart. Danger See O' My Heart, Jessa.

Jesus Culture. Danger A Bethel Church (Redding California, head pastor Bill Johnson) youth ministry/worship band which promotes the revivalist teachings and practices of Bethel Church. Cindy Jacobs is a regular speaker at Jesus Culture events.

Jesus Morning Star. Danger Better known in English speaking countries as Providence Church, or in Asia as JMS.

Jesus Seminar. Danger A bunch of supposed intellectuals who all disbelieve that the Bible is true, and sit around and vote (using coloured beads!) about how true they think individual passages are.

JMS. Danger Abbreviation for Jung Myung Seok or Jesus Morning Star, the cult he founded. JMS is the name by which the cult is known through most of Asia, and in English speaking countries as Providence Church. It is a particular problem in South Korea and Japan; its presence in New Zealand is believed to be small.

Job's Daughters. Danger occult group for the daughters of Freemasons, not officially in New Zealand that we know, but known to exist in Australia.

Johnson, Beni. Danger Hot Topic Brenda "Beni" Johnson is the wife of Bill Johnson, and together are senior pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California, USA. She practices lying on the graves of famous Christians to absorb their annointing (called "grave sucking or "grave soaking"), yoga, reflexology and giving reflexology advice, and believes tuning forks of a particular frequency have healing properties (and that the idea is supported by science). These are very much New Age practices. She is one of the authors of The Physics of Heaven and features in Andrew Strom's Off site link: trailer for his upcoming documentary Kundalini Warning Part 4.

Johnson, Bill. Danger Hot Topic Bill Johnson and his wife Brenda (Beni) are senior pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California, USA. He is an author or co-auther of a number of books including the very New Age book The Physics of Heaven, and is heavily involved in the False Revival Movement, and promotes false signs including feathers, gold dust, and glory clouds (while teaching the importance of having things – like those signs – that we don't understand and cannot control). He is an associate and supporter of Todd Bentley. He and his church are specifically mentioned in Off site link: Part 3 of Andrew Strom's Kundalini documentary, features in Andrew Strom's Off site link: trailer for his upcoming documentary Kundalini Warning Part 4, and has visited New Zealand several times. His Church also teaches the strongly New Age "healing" Sozo.

Johnson, Ian. Danger Hot Topic Ian Johnson is a false signs person who supports false signs of gold dust, feathers, and gem stones, and angelic appearances. He is based in Auckland and has toured New Zealand with false teachers such as Ian Clayton and Kathie Walters. See the Jack and Gaye Stradwick listing for a very relevant quote from Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine. Also see False Revival Movement.

Jones, Alex. Danger An American right-wing conspiracy nut job. The guy is seriously screwy.

Jones, Bob. Danger Bob Jones was a false prophet (died 14 February 2014). Not believed to have visited New Zealand, but is strongly associated with false prophets and false teachers who have.

The Journey. Danger New Age healing seminar founded and run by (Ms) Brandon Bays. It's an LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training program), and thus competes with NLP and Landmark Education, and is possibly based on NLP with even more New Age material thrown in. She has also written a book named The Journey. Please note that while Brandon Bays claims to have dealt with a large tumour without drugs or surgery, ignoring or rejecting medical advice and treatment can have lethal consequences.

Joyce Meyer Ministries. See Meyer, Joyce.

Rick Joyner. Danger Major leader in the False Revival Movement, restored Todd Bentley to ministry.

Ju-Jitsu. Not Yet Rated A martial art. Involves sweeps, strikes, throws, etc.

Judaism. False Religion Major world religion. Supreme deity is JHWH. Followers are called Jews. (Note: Judaism is the religion, Jews are the people.) It is important to note that the founder of Christianity, Jesus of Nazereth, was a Jew. His twelve disciples were also all Jews. Paul (formerly Saul) of Tarsis was also a Jew. It could be argued that until the time that Jesus provided the ultimate sacrifice, Judaism was not a false religion and since then it's not so much "false" per se, as outdated. While many Christians think that Christianity has replaced Judaism, many other Christians (and others) object to this view of Judaism and believe that the Jews are still the chosen people. It is possible to be both a Jew and a Christian (such a person is known as a Messianic Jew), although most Jews deny that Jesus is their long-prophesied Messiah.

Judo. Not Yet Rated Technically not a martial art, but a sport created from the martial art Ju-Jitsu, minus the killing strikes. (There wasn't any point to them, judo just being a sport, you see.)

Jutsum, Kate. Danger Kate Jutsum is the Regional Director for Bethel Sozo in Australia and New Zealand. She is given a Danger rating here because of her teachings regarding Sozo and the damage Sozo can do to individuals and churches.

Jung Myung Seok. Danger Also known as Joshua Jung, Joshua Lee Jung, Sung Sang Nimh (a name to which JMS members pray, along with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit), Lord of the Second Coming, and Rabbi. Founder of JMS, aka Providence Church. Born 17 February 1945. Joined the Moonies around 1975, which had a strong influence on his present teachings – most are nearly identical. He left in 1978 and founded JMS (then called Ae-Chun Church) in 1980. He was arrested by Chinese police in May 2007 and was extradited to South Korea in February 2008 on charges of fraud, sexual abuse, rape, and embezzlement. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and is due for release in July 2017. For more information see Wikipedia's Off site link: Jung Myung Seok article or Off site link:

JUSTBible. A seminar run by the Christadelphians.

JWs. Danger Cult. See Jehovah's Witnesses.

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