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The Occult

Other Main Names:

  • Astrology, ouija board, psychic ability and fortune-telling, satanism, witchcraft

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An activity has occultic roots if it involves using "hidden" power. Be very wary of medical claims that cannot be easily explained in scientific terms.

Dungeons and Dragons

This is one particular roleplaying game, of which there are many. Most roleplaying games (whether computer-based, board-games, or primarily imagination-based) are not occultic or are only very slightly occultic. However, Dungeons and Dragons is extrememly occultic, using spells within its games, encouraging players to invent their own spells (complete with required components and procedure for casting the spells), the use of familiars and familiar spirits, encouraging worship of false gods and demons, etc.


The idea that homeopathic remedies can improve one's health not only has no current scientific explanation, but there can be no scientific explanation other than the placebo effect. This is because homeopathic remedies are minute amounts of possibly toxic substances that are diluted over and over to the point where not a single molecule of the original substance remains. There is no physical or scientific reason why a homeopathic remedy would work, and studies have shown that they are no more effective than a placebo (eg, a sugar pill). This does not deter homeopathic practitioners and believers, who have a blind faith in the claimed power of homeopathy.

Browse through the Quackwatch archives for more information or their offshoot Homeowatch. Keep an eye out for their article that mentions the $20 million duck - one duck is killed per year by a certain company and its liver is diluted into US$20 million worth of products. (That's pretty dilute, by the way.)

The New Zealand Cult List is of the firm opinion there is no published evidence to support the use of homeopathy as anything other than a placebo but homeopathy is assigned a Danger rating here because of the incredible amount of money wasted on it and because the blind faith that many homeopathy believers place in it causes spiritual blindness in other areas.

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