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Qabalah. See Kabbalah.

Qi Gong. Danger A Chinese occult tradition not unlike Kundalini.

Quakers. The common name for the Religious Society of Friends. See that listing for more information on the different types of Quakers.

Quiboloy, Apollo C. Danger Apollo Quiboloy, or Apollo C Quiboloy is the leader of the Phillipine-based cult Kingdom of Jesus Christ, aka Name Above Every Name Inc. It is unknown at this stage if there are followers in New Zealand. He claims he is the "sent one", the Son of God (not a son of God), just like Jesus Christ. (Some of the root of this may be in the modalism teachings of the United Pentecostal Church, from which church he was expelled.) From his own web site:

On September 13, 2003 , the Holy Father declared to the whole world that He has found His residence here on earth—His Son, in the person of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Other claims include his home city of Davao in the Phillipines (where he has his own television station) being the New Jerusalem. He is reported to be considering writing a 3rd Testament.

Quixtar. Not Yet Rated A multi-level marketing company (MLM), and is described as the successor to Amway and "Amway for the Internet age".

Qur'an. See Qur'an on the Books page.

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