Scientology. Full name Church of Scientology, this is a very dangerous cult group. Extreme mind control practices. Founder L Ron Hubbard (a pulp science fiction writer). Head PR person/Secretary in New Zealand is Mike Ferriss. Chairperson is Marion Moffat (who is possibly married to Claude Moffat). Ian H Gillott is another long-time member. Granted charity status by the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department in the mid 2000s (on the basis that Scientology is a religion – even though its religious writings bear a strange resemblance to cheap science fiction). In December 2003 and January 2004 New Zealand Scientologists attempted to suppress the information in this listing by contacting the company which hosts this site. (It should be noted that all the information on this site is completely legal.) Scientology has rather a lot of detractors on the Internet, which keep Scientologists busy trying to suppress. The online book Off site link: The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper makes for a good, well, actually slightly sickening read. For more juicy information on Scientology have a look at the Closeup on Scientology or click the graphic below to visit Off site link: Operation Clambake. (It should be noted that linking to another web site is completely legal.)

Off site link: Operation ClambakeScientology is a UFO cult

Googlism has its own ideas about Off site link: what Scientology is (satire).