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This list is still very incomplete, so please feel free to submit information on any programs not in the list. Submissions for all listings are now being accepted. Please see the Contact page.

Note that the television and radio stations themselves are included in the main alphabetical listing.

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Answers with Bayless Conley. TV show hosted by Bayless Conley of Cottonwood Christian Center (sic) in the United States.

Amazing Facts. Caution TV show hosted by Doug Batchelor. Also the name of the ministry. Contains some pretty dodgy theology and biblical teaching – typical for Seventh-day Adventists in the United States. Ministry Watch includes Amazing Facts Inc Off site link: in a list (PDF, 365KB) of ministries that do not post their audited financial statements on a web site or provide them on request.

Bayless Conley. See Answers with Bayless Conley above.

Believer's Voice of Victory. Danger TV show (and newsletter) hosted by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, who are World Faith Movement preachers. Not screening in New Zealand any more. Most of the material in this show was OK, but enough was seriously flaky to warrant a warning. Also the name of their radio show, not thought to have aired in New Zealand.

Benny Hinn. Danger Regular and frequent television show of Benny Hinn, a World Faith Movement preacher. Screened on a couple of channels.

Beyond. Danger TV show. See James van Praagh in the main list.

Beyond Today. Danger TV and radio show produced by the United Church of God cult. Unknown if it has ever aired in New Zealand.

Charles Stanley. OK Regular TV show.

Christ Apostolic Temple. TV show.

Christian City. TV show. Unknown content.

Creflo A. Dollar Jnr. Caution Regular TV show of an unfortunately named American tele-evangelist. Some dodgy theology, including the idea that Christians are little gods (a misuse of scripture).

Dare To Believe. Caution TV show. See Jeanette Wilson in the main list.

Destiny Television (DTV). Caution TV presence of Destiny Church.

The Exalted Word with Randy Morrison. Danger TV show hosted by Randy Morrison of Speak The Word Church in the USA. Preaches prosperity gospel.

Family Federation Report. Danger An intermittently screened TV program, funded by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, a front group for the Moonies cult.

Firstlight. See Firstlight in the main listing.

Focus on the Family. OK Mostly excellent pop-psychology teaching and inspirational half hour radio programme (broadcast on Radio Rhema). Founded by educator Dr James Dobson. Focus on the Family Ministries also produce video tapes and books. They make occasional lapses of judgement – notably supporting Hugh Ross and Bob Cornuke.

Hour of Power. TV show.

Iglesia ni Cristo. A Filipino produced television show of Iglesia ni Cristo ("Church of Christ"), provided by the Auckland branch of that group.

Impact for Life with Pastors Peter & Bev Mortlock. Twice-weekly TV show with the pastors of City Impact Church.

Jagad Guru. New Age character with his own show on New Zealand television. Funded by the NZ School of Meditation.

Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Life in the Word. Caution Regular and frequent TV shows. At least three NZ TV channels currently screen Joyce Meyer programmes (or have recently screened them). See the Joyce Meyer entry in the main list for more information.

Key of David. Danger TV show hosted by Gerald R Flurry, leader of the cult Philadelphia Church of God.

Key to the Kingdom. TV show.

Life FM. OK A national Christian radio network owned by Rhema Broadcasting Group Inc. Features music for younger listeners. See also Radio Rhema and Southern Star.

(The) Mentalist. TV show. The exploits of a cheap con-man.

(The) Message. Danger The name of a TV program on Triangle TV by the William Branham cult, who deny that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are God.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir. TV show. The Choir itself sings very well. However, note that the Mormons are a particularly bad cult group (formally known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

Praise Be. OK A Sunday morning TV program of traditional Christian hymns, filmed on location at contributing churches around New Zealand.

Questions of Life. TV show.

Randy Morrison. Danger See The Exalted Word with Randy Morrision above.

Shine TV. Television channel (Freeview channel 25) run by Rhema Broadcasting Group Inc.

Southern Star. OK A national Christian radio network owned by Rhema Broadcasting Group Inc. Features music for older listeners. See also Life FM and Radio Rhema.

SpongeBob Squarepants. Neutral Children's cartoon character with a "cult" fan following in some age groups, including some adults. Reportedly voted the 4th sexist person in America in 2001.

The Cult. Television drama series. Cultwatch has Off site link: a blog about it.

This is Your Day with Benny Hinn. Danger Regular and frequent television show of Benny Hinn, a World Faith Movement preacher.

Tomorrow's World. Danger Television show made by the Living Church of God.

Touched By An Angel. Caution TV drama made in Utah, USA. Promotes universalism, no mention of Jesus Christ.

Turning Point With David Jeremiah. Teaching show hosted by David Jeremiah screened on New Zealand television.

V. Neutral A science fiction show on New Zealand television in the early 1980s. Basically, Earth was overrun by space aliens. It acquired a religiously devoted audience since it was about the only original show screening at the time. For those who care, it's now available on DVD. A new version of the series was screened in 2009.

WMLK. Radio station broadcast on shortwave by Assemblies of Yahweh (based in the United States), can apparently be received in New Zealand.

The World To Come. Weekly video programme of the Restored Church of God, screened on New Zeland television.

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