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Zenith Applied Philosophy, ZAP. Danger Printable version Also known as Zenith Applied Science, with a front group called Tax Reduction Integrity Movement (TRIM). Founded by the late John Dalhoff (d. 2001), aka John Ultimate, in 1974 basically as an offshoot of Scientology. ZAP is now led by his wife Joy, who runs seminars at her home. ZAP has been described as being a pyramid cult and is said to have collected millions of dollars from followers since 1974. John Dalhoff claimed to have been the head of Scientology in Australia but according to Wikipedia's Off site link: John Dalhoff article he was in the United Kingdom then came back to New Zealand to work in Scientology, and in 1972 he was expelled from the church for "failure to comply with the ethical codes of the Church of Scientology" – no mention of Australia there at all. In 1992 ZAP was included in a list of Scientology's Off site link: Suppressive Groups ("A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable" – L. Ron Hubbard, 1965) so it seems likely that John Dalhoff really irked Scientology when he founded ZAP, especially since he is said to have based his own courses on the Scientology ones. Claims attributed to John Dalhoff include:

  • Reached "Ultimate" state in August 1974 (and changed his name the following month).
  • During a stint in the cells at Christchurch police station the cell door wouldn't stay locked due to his powers.
  • Commanded a threatening police officer to strike himself with his own torch which he then did.
  • Tom Cruise and John Travolta were just "useful idiots" to promote Scientology.

For more information see Wikipedia's Off site link: Zenith Applied Philosophy article.

Zonta International. Neutral From their web site: "Zonta is a global women’s service organisation for professional women. Their mission is to advance the status of women worldwide."

Zoroastrianism. False Religion Persian religion with a few hundred adherants in New Zealand. Some people believe the magi who visited the new-born Jesus Christ were Zoroastrians. Supreme deity Mazda. Holy writing the Zend Avesta, which Mazda is supposed to have written. Salvation is by works.

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