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Church of Scientology

Other Main Names:

  • Scientology
  • Dianetics
  • L Ron Hubbard (1911-1986, founder, sci-fi author)
  • David Miscavige (born 30 April 1960, present leader)

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Other Names

There are many front-groups for Scientology. Below is only a partial list, most of which are believed to not be in New Zealand.

They also have many trademarked words to which they assign their own meanings, which helps keep Scientology's beliefs secret, and huge amounts of jargon.


  • Answers to Drugs
  • Chart of Human Evaluation
  • Clear Body, Clear Mind
  • Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L Ron Hubbard
  • Freedom magazine
  • Freewinds magazine
  • Have You Lived Before This Life?
  • History of Man
  • How to Live Though an Executive: Communication Manual
  • L Ron Hubbard Rehabilitating a Drugged Society booklet
  • Mission Into Time
  • Science of Survival by L Ron Hubbard
  • The Truth About Joints booklet
  • The Way to Happiness booklet
  • Tone Scale


  • Applied Scholastics
  • Association for Better Living and Education International (ABLE)
  • Author Services Inc
  • The Bridge (note that in New Zealand the Salvation Army also runs a course called the Bridge)
  • Bridge Publications Inc
  • Case Cracker Rundown
  • Church of American Science (dissolved 14 Dec 1960)
  • Church of Spiritual Technologies
  • Church of Scientology
  • Church of Scientology of California Incorporated
  • Church of Scientology of New Zealand Incorporated
  • Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)
  • Concerned Businessmen's Association of America
  • Criminon (a prison-based variation of Narconon)
  • Cult Awareness Network (bankrupted and taken over by Scientology in 1996)
  • Drug Free Ambassadors (& program)
  • Drug-Free Marshals (& program) – what Drug Free Ambassadors are called in the United States)
  • Dynamic Sort-out Assessment
  • Fixated Person Rundown
  • Flag Land Base
  • Flag OT Executive Rundown
  • Flag Service Organization
  • Flag Ship Service Organization
  • Flag Ship Trust
  • Freewinds – a cruise ship used for OT VIII courses, bought in 1986
  • Gold Base
  • Golden Age of Tech
  • Gradation Chart of Human Awareness and Abilities
  • Havingness Rundown
  • HealthMed
  • Knowledge Rundown
  • Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI)
  • Hubbard Guidance Center
  • Hubbard Life Orientation
  • Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA program/campaign
  • Narconon (started in New Zealand c2000)
  • New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans (NED for OTs, or NOTs)
  • New Life Rundown
  • New Vitality Rundown
  • Purification Program
  • Rehabilitate NZ
  • RehabNZ
  • Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)
  • Religious Technology Center (RTC – holds the trademarks to Scientology and Dianetics)
  • Ron's Org
  • Rule Education Trust
  • Saint Hill (Special Briefing Course)
  • Sea Org
  • Scientology Parishioners League
  • Stellar Management
  • Sterling Management Systems
  • Sunny Day Homeschool, Papatoetoe Auckland (run by the same person who leads Applied Scholastics New Zealand)
  • Uptrends
  • Way To Happiness Foundation, The Way To Happiness International
  • World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International (WISE)
  • World-Wide Guardian Office
  • Youth for Human Rights (International) [Scientology and human rights for children?!? Take a look at the section on Treatment of Children on the Quotes page.]

Jargon (words in definitions and descriptions which are listed words are in italics)

  • Aberrated
  • Analytical mind – the opposite of the reactive mind.
  • Assists (noun)
  • Auditing – a session where an e-meter is used on a preclear.
  • Auditor – someone who performs auditing.
  • Bank
  • Blow – a generally used but rather unfortunate term meaning depart suddenly, occasionally used by those getting someone out of Scientology – eg, "I helped blow a young man (aged 21 years) from the Birmingham org a few months back." (A genuine example from the web.)
  • Body Thetan – a Thetan (see below) attached to a human.
  • Clear
  • Cognition – eg "repeat until you have a cognition".
  • Command Intention
  • Declared – short for "declared a Suppressive Person".
  • Dianetics
  • Disconnection – see the mind control technique shunning; an officially denied policy, but they also say it is a fundamental human right to cease communication with someone.
  • E-meter – short for electrometer, an instrument used in auditing; one third of a lie detector (it lacks the heart rate and breathing monitors).
  • Eighth Dynamic (infinity)
  • Emotional Tone Level
  • End cycle – eg "We want to make sure that all of us end cycle on this completely" (David Miscavige).
  • Engram
  • Enturbulated – disturbed, eg "Don't let the children become enturbulated."
  • Ethics – to "get ethics" or to be ethical is to be a better Scientologist and obey the "church."
  • Exterior – to be outside the body, eg "I went exterior."
  • Exteriorise – to have an out-of-body experience, eg "It is not the intention of this section to exteriorise anyone..." (OT I, page 1, paragraph 2).
  • Fair Game – see the Practices page.
  • Flattened
  • Freewheel
  • Hatted – eg "Fully Hatted Auditor".
  • Ideal, Ideal Org – eg, "Auckland is Becoming Ideal in 2013". It's a Scientology programme launched in 2004 which endeavours to make all Scientology services available to all communities (as mentioned in Off site link: this NZ Herald article).
  • Implanting
  • Incident I, Incident II
  • Knowingness
  • Musical Chairs – moving people to different posts rapidly to create instability.
  • Operating Thetan (OT)
  • Opinion leaders – people like celebrities who are thus valued members.
  • PC folder – stand for Preclear folder, a collection of records from auditing sessions.
  • Potential Trouble Source (PTS) – people under the sway of Suppressive Persons; according to Hubbard 17.5% of the population.
  • Preclear – a person who has not achieved being Clear.
  • Profession Intensive
  • Reactive mind – the half of the mind (the other half being the analytical mind) where all one's neuroses, axieties and fears are stored.
  • Security checking
  • Seventh Dynamic (spiritual)
  • Soloing – using an e-meter/auditing by oneself.
  • Solo Nots
  • Squirrel – someone who alters or misapplies the Scientology scripture; a heretic; a former member who threatens church teachings.
  • Squirreling – the practice of harrassing squirrels.
  • Standard Tech (eg, "100% Standard Tech")
  • Super Power (believe it or not, it's a trademark)
  • Suppressive Person (SP) – according to Hubbard 2.5% of the population. See the Practices page.
  • Tech development
  • Thetan – a disembodied spirit.
  • Training Routine (TR)
  • Unburden
  • Valence – an adopted personality
  • Whole Track – the mental recording of all of the experience of the Thetan. Hubbard said that the Whole Track was 4 quadrillion years long. Eventually Thetans became the victims of their recordings and became entrapped (via the mechanism of the "Bank"). Hubbard claimed that only through Scientology could this compulsive recording of incidents stop.
  • Withhold – a reference to not divulging a secret, something bad the person hasn't told anyone about.
  • Wog – a derogatory term meaning "non-scientologist".
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