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Kosmic Fusion

Other Main Names:

  • Shunya Bindu, Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), active imploding DNA codes.
  • Kaveeta Bhavsaar, aka Sree Maa (founder).
  • Sunil Kumar Porumamilla, aka Shri Ji (founder).

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The actual beliefs of the group are rather hard to sort out because of the incredibly screwy gobbledegook used in the couple's teaching. In general the teachings simply seem tailored to appeal to New Age believers who lack any sort of discernment and who probably assume that the couple knows what they are talking about because it sounds mysterious and uses key phrases they may have heard used previously.

A generous dollop of pseudoscience is mixed in with the teachings to make them sound more impressive to those with an inadequate science understanding. For example, references to DNA and quantum stuff, such as "Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse" and "active imploding DNA codes".

Examples of jargon used in the teachings are on the Other Names page. Examples of gobbledegook are on the Quotes page.

Members who have been exiled from the group have believed they had lost their chance to do whatever it was they were hoping to do in the cult. (Being a New Age cult it's a bit hard to define; the equivalent for many Christian-related cults would be losing their salvation). Off site link: For example, "The next few weeks I thought ‘I've done something wrong and lost the chance to liberate my soul’."

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