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Kosmic Fusion

Other Main Names:

  • Shunya Bindu, Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), active imploding DNA codes.
  • Kaveeta Bhavsaar, aka Sree Maa (founder).
  • Sunil Kumar Porumamilla, aka Shri Ji (founder).

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False medical claims

  • This healing session is especially for all who use cell phones, computers, televisions and so many electronic gadgets. During this session, Toxins are removed from the blood cells, organs as so many eat meat and have indigestion problems.
  • Kosmic psychic surgery is performed, all faulty genes are cleared, and brain is re-calibrated and re-patterned.
  • DNA activations are done, Nano level healing is done... each cell will feel worked upon. Diamond-like material ("diamondoid") would be infused through the pulse flowing out from my hands.


The nonsensical meaningless of this stuff is a good sign the group is not on the level. Also see Jargon on the Other Names page.

  • At Kosmic Fusion®, we put an End to the 3rd and 4th Dimension drama.
  • Be immersed in the Supreme Grace of Sree Maa Shri Ji, the living embodiment of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, the Mother of All Energies, Frequencies and Vibrations.
  • Bring a paradigm shift with so called new energies - from which we are made up of
  • Exponentially-unfolding, multidimensional change of 'breakdown and breakthrough'
  • Full embodiment of SELF-real-sized consciousness
  • Humanity's current evolutionary trajectory (illusion based on polarity-duality game)
  • Infusing the Sri-chakra supra celestial grid on Gaia
  • Kosmic Energy Transmissions and Healings for Initiation with SOURCE-ZERO POINT Energy
  • Let US fire your Grids. Close your eyes & feel the wave spin and the pulse emitting out from US.
  • Mystic Muse living in the NOW
  • New energies of 2012
  • One other reason the spin is external as the 3-Dimensional and 4 Dimensional bodies sit under the 5-Dimensional light bodies.
  • Open up the human-Angel Wings
  • Permanent Energy Transference is their USP
  • Recalibration allows me to re-set the spin of the healee’s Merkaba and teach the true Quantum Light Body spin.
  • Sattvic Food is in the hands of the 5D++Pulsars.
  • Sree Maa Shri Ji, without whom no-one can receive the All-Knowing and most benevolent Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse
  • Sree Maa & Shri Ji, founders of Kosmic Fusion®®, are one of the rare couples who are fully enlightened Diamond Light Masters of Vibration and Frequencies, with active imploding DNA codes in service on Earth in this special time of 2012-2022. The Twin-Ray couple have been holding and emitting the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), via the Galactic Centre from the SOURCE OF ALLTHAT IS, since 2003.
  • SOURCE cannot be told what to do- because it knows ALL
  • The fundamental truth of the Kosmic Absolute is explained like child's play; anyone can grasp it and understand it instantly. There is no secret or mystery school glamour. Simple facts should remain simple.
  • The lower vibrations are there under the higher Light Bodies
  • The supreme benefactor that has given us the tangible mother of all frequencies, vibrations and energies a. k. a QUANTUM VORTEX SCALAR-WAVE PHOTON PULSE to integrate and realign the Physical, Subtle and Casual energy fields of each incarnational soul
  • Their Quantum Love is their USP.
  • Their TWINRAY Energy Signature is a SCALAR WAVE- PHOTON PULSE infused in them as QUANTUM VORTEX for Awakening, Transformation and Transcendence and they share it with the world.
  • Time is speeding up! It is TRUE!
  • We are in unprecedented times where the living embodiment of the ABSOLUTE, the Source/Void is with us in the human form of SreeMaaShriJi; a rare gift indeed.
  • ZERO-Point/Torus/ Infinity wave into the Energy Field to activate the Light Bodies of the Receiver

Former Members

  • "[S]he would say I am a divine being so I never go grey or age – then I realised she dyed her hair – and I thought if you’re lying to me about stupid little things like that what else are you lying to me about?"

    - Former member Katie, quoted in Off site link: Bad Vibrations: The implosion of a New Age cult.

Contradictory Quotes

  • "1 Review. Tell people what you think."

    - Facebook post from group.

    Comment from NZ Cult List: We certainly will.

  • "WE request the whole spiritual community to come together and reject such imitation, cheating and fraud."

    - Blog post by group.

    Comment from NZ Cult List: This is an invitation for us to show the group for the scam it is.

  • "Note: Kosmic Fusion® ™ is not here to debate or argue about anything. Kindly use your own inner teacher to lead you to what is best for you. What resonates with you? We are not here to prove any modality or teaching wrong. We are in oneness with everyone in the community of love and light. Please use your own discernment and work in peace with others. Kindly keep Kosmic Fusion® ™ out of any misunderstanding or debate whatsoever. We bow down to each soul in respect and accept each one's place in the Divine game of Polarity integration."

    - Kosmic Fusion website FAQ.

    Comment from NZ Cult List: Part of the purpose of the NZ Cult List is to help people discern the truth about deceptive groups, and to show people which of those beliefs are wrong. We are glad the Kosmic Fusion leaders accept that.

  • "Religion and Spirituality both are relative truths." [A self-refuting statement; emphasis added.]

    - Kosmic Fusion website.

  • "deep Absolute Truths were revealed by Sree Maa Shri Ji progressively" [Emphasis added, but capital initials in original.]

    - Kosmic Fusion website.

Cult Researchers

  • "They sound like they're taking esoteric to a whole new level."

- NZ Cult List researcher.

  • "This is really far, far out as we said in the 60s. In fact, it gets our award for mindless (but dangerous) babble; even scores higher than GWP in some ways."

    - Former GWP members.

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