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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Other Main Names:

  • Latter-day Saints, Mormons
  • Joseph Smith (founder)

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Mormons are often very hard to convert to Christianity because of a "burning in the bosom" sensation they experienced after much prayer. Note that the disciples' experience in Luke 24:13 was not one they had to pray for.

In spite of wanting to appear as an ordinary Christian denomination, they think they are the only true church. For example, Orson Pratt, a Mormon Apostle, said "Who is the great whore of Babylon? It is the Catholic Church and her Protestant daughter who have defiled the earth with their filthiness and fornications."

75% - 85% of Mormons are not good enough to get a "Temple Recommend" which enable them to visit one of their temples and take part in their ceremonies. (Compare with the words of Jesus in John 18:20 - "I said nothing in secret.") These ceremonies are very similar to those practiced by the Masonic Lodge.

Mormons are not allowed to drink tea or coffee or alcohol. They are not allowed to smoke.

Mormons wear special underwear with symbols on them that they believe will protect them from spiritual (and sometimes physical) attack. Wikipedia explains:

... the garment contains four special symbolic marks: one on each breast, one at the navel, and one over the right knee... The top garment covers the shoulders and has a cap-sleeve, extending two to three inches down the arm. The neckline of the garment rests just below the collar bone, covering women's cleavage. The bottom garment extends to just above the knee.

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