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International Church of Christ /
International Christian Church

Other Main Names:

Names not in italics are associatod with the International Church of Christ.
Names in italic are names are associated with the International Christian Church.

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These beliefs apply to the International Church of Christ and may also apply to the International Christian Church, except as noted in italics, which apply specifically to the International Christian Church.

One True Church

Like the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons, the Boston Movement believes they are the only true church. They believe all other churches are wrong and controlled by the devil. As far as they are concerned you cannot be a Christian unless you belong to them. They believe they are "the Church of the Bible" (quote from Elder Al Baird) because only they do what the Bible says.

Anyone leaving their group is considered to have "fallen away from God" whatever the person's reasons for leaving.

Anyone coming back to the church has to stand in front of the church and apologise to everyone for disobeying God.

As a consequence of this, they believe that there are no true Christians in New Zealand outside of Auckland and Christchurch.


Members are not assured of their salvation until they are baptised into the ICC. They believe that no one is saved until they are water baptised in an ICC church. They believe a member is not a disciple (Christian) until they have been baptised by full immersion in water. Do not confuse this with a reputable church baptism which is a command of Jesus but is not the route to salvation. The ICC teaches that if a member has been previously baptised (in a reputable church) that baptism is null and void because they were not baptised into God's church (the ICC).

See the pamphlet Water Works? (PDF, 73KB) for a biblical response to this teaching.

The International Christian Church also believes baptism is essential.

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