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International Church of Christ /
International Christian Church

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Names not in italics are associatod with the International Church of Christ.
Names in italic are names are associated with the International Christian Church.

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In 1967 the Crossroads Movement started discipling techniqes that were adopted by Kip McKean along with their baptism belief. Kip McKean was removed from the Crossroads Movement because of his disagreement with some of their beliefs.

Kip McKean founded the Boston Church of Christ in 1979 in Boston USA. This is the mother church of this cult. From there came the Los Angeles Church of Christ, which planted the Central London Church of Christ, which planted the Sydney Church of Christ.

In late 1989 the Sydney branch planted the Central Auckland Church of Christ (CACC), which is the group that meets in Auckland, New Zealand. Finally, the Auckland branch planted the Christchurch Church of Christ in December 1995. At one point the CACC was trying to build up disciples to plant churches in Wellington and Hamilton.

Although the cult had its very early origins in the non-denominational Churches of Christ, it now has nothing to do with them. Be careful not to confuse this cult with any of the many good churches that have the words 'Church of Christ' in their name.

In November 2001 Kip McKean he was taking a sabbatical from leading the International Church of Christ, and in November 2002 announced he was resigning.

After a period leading an International Church of Christ branch in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 2006 he formally converted it into the International Christian Church. It is now recognised as a cult with most of the same problems as the International Church of Christ had.

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